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Consultants and Candidates > Information Technology

Consulting, Project and Interim Services

You are an information technology professional who enjoys the challenge of special projects or the flexibility of working on an interim basis. How do you find that special assignment that matches your skills and experience with organizations that need someone like you?

Horn Solutions understands that many experienced consultants enjoy and prefer working on special projects, filling in for other professionals on an interim basis, or sharing their expertise and experience with a variety of companies. If you are one of these consultants, we can help you to find assignments that are challenging, flexible, and financially rewarding.

The Horn Solutions team has more than three decades of experience in matching consultants and client companies for special projects and staff support engagements. We learn about your skills and experience and what you want to do. Our priority is to match your talents, interests, and goals with the needs of our client companies. Having the right match helps to ensure success for both you and our clients.

Our project and interim service offerings often require information technology professionals with the following types of skills and experience:

  • Information Technology Developers with experience in all stages of development in SAP, Oracle, or BlackLine.
  • Project and Change Professionals to help clients manage application implementations and upgrades, acquisitions and merger integration, and IT project plan development and execution.
  • Information Technology and Risk Assessment Specialists to develop and maintain IT strategies and operations that are aligned with our clients’ business strategies.
  • Information Technology Security Engineers and Analysts experienced in IT architecture, security programs, controls auditing, specialized testing, and forensic reviews.

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Executive Search

You want a new challenge. You have acquired new skills and want to put them to use. Economic events forced your former employer to downsize. You just moved to town. No matter what the reason, how do you find the position that is challenging, rewarding, and aligned with your goals and interests?

In this age of internet job postings, you need to stand out from the hundreds or thousands of other applicants for open positions. You also want to know about all the positions that may be right for you. Horn Solutions and its team of recruiters make the effort to understand your skills, experience, and interests. We will work with you on how to communicate this information to our clients.

We understand our clients’ needs and expectations. Because of our long-standing relationships with companies in Houston and across the United States, we are privy to some of the best opportunities in information technology. We know how to match your skills and experience to client requirements and expectations.

We consistently place information technology professionals with the following types of skills and experience:

  • .NET, SharePoint, Java, and SQL Developers
  • Security Engineers and Analysts
  • IT Project and Change Managers
  • IT Risk & Compliance – Auditors, Compliance and Governance

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